Public Notification Email Sign-up

The Board of Commissioners approved the implementation of a pilot program of a Public Notification System for the benefit of the residents of York Township.

The Township is proud to offer this new service to the residents. This Public Notification System gives the
Township a chance to reach out to the residents in case of an emergency or to provide other important
information. This system is designed to get emergency and public messages to you quickly and effectively
via email.

The Public Notification System is completely optional for the residents of the Township.

To Subscribe Enter the following required information:

  • Emergency Notifications (Required)*

    General Notification*

    Board of Commissioners Agendas (Optional) **

    Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes (Optional) +*

    Planning Commission Agendas (Optional) **

    Planning Commission Meeting Minutes (Optional) +*

    Recreation Board Agendas (Optional) **

    Recreation Board Meeting Minutes (Optional) +*

    Water & Sewer Authority Agendas (Optional) **

    Water & Sewer Authority Meeting Minutes (Optional) +*

    Zoning Hearing Board Agendas (Optional) **

    Zoning Hearing Board Meeting Minutes (Optional) +*